Witness for the Prosecution

By Agatha Christie
Directed by E. O. Hawkins
Ocotober 22, 23, 24, and 25, 1987
Greensboro Center

Featuring – Greg Bentley, Leonard Brandon, Sam Dudley, Bob Fritzius, Betty Frnka, Clyde Kerr, Donna Jean Luther, Bob Mangum, Scott McDonnall, Terry McDowell, Bill Parrish, Charles Peterson, Sharon Powe, Marvin Salin, Howard Schickedanz, Jean Snyder, Bill Stark, Edith Teasley, Norman Tramel, Ron Walker, Nelson Westmoreland, and Bob Wolverton with Larry Box, Dolph Bryan, Tommy Floyd, Ray Lloyd, Wendell Manuel, Ralph Powe, Clay Simmons, and Bill Stacy as the barristers

Despite damning evidence, Leonard Vole convinces even the perceptive Sir Wilfred that he is innocent. But the tension at the trial becomes unbearable when there are several amazing developments - Vole's wife takes the stand and coldly swears away her husband's alibi, a brassy young woman proves Mrs Vole's perjury, but it is only after Vole has been acquitted that Sir Wilfred discovers that it was all engineered by Mrs Vole. And there is still yet a dramatic denouement...

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