Forty Carats

By Jay Allen
Adapted from a play by Barillet and Gredy

Directed by Monroe Dewberry
April 18, 19, 20 and 21 1985
State Theatre
Downtown Starkville

Featuring – Madeline Branton, Katherine Conroy, David Cook, Betty Frnka, W. Gerry Gilmer, John Graef, Lewis Halbert, Frances Heller, Scott Kowerduck, Edith Teasley, and Marsha Williams

Romance blossoms between Ann, a 40-year-old divorcee and Peter, a handsome charming 22-year-old when they meet while vacationing in Greece. Back home in New York the unexpected happens - they meet again.

Comedy and conflicts evolve between the lovers and their families. For instance, will Ann's 18-year-old daughter accept Peter as a stepfather? Does Ann's ex-husband want to rekindle their love? Will Ann's mother give up her dream of merging her family with old money? The message is... don't worry about the past or future - just enjoy and appreciate each day we're alive. And never forget that love makes life worth living.

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