Project P.L.A.Y.

Led by M. J. Etua
June 24- 29, 2019
The Playhouse on Main

Corky Chameleon Too, conceptualized by the cast

Addie & Maggie by Albany Mercer, directed by Bella Sotomenese

The Tale of Turtle and Monkey based on a fable by Jose Rizal,
written by Alida Perez, directed by Sabrina Didlake

Busted by Savannah Palmer, directed by Nate Goodson

Paranoid by Carissa Palmer, directed by Madelynne Goodson

An Invitation to Murder by Olivia Harvey, directed by Carissa Palmer

Dance Solo choreographed by Leah Shaw

The Case of the Stolen Ruby by Riyaz Mathews, directed by Alida Amore Perez

Pursuit by Cam’ron Harrington

Kingship by Sam Harvey, directed by Riyaz Matthews

Dance Group choreographed by Leah Shaw

Princess Issues adapted by Jonathan Reeves

Once Upon a Dream by Hannah Carruth, directed by Lindy Peterson

Galveston Suite by Taylor Sinclair

Dancing in the Stars by Tessa O’Brien, directed by Agatha Taquino

Featuring – Aurélien Alauzet, Jade Alauzet, Jay Baker, Miles Baker, Emma Brabham, Isabel Brabham, Austin Brooks, Anna Marie Brown, Colton Butler, Harper Butler, Rhett Cooper, Hannah Carruth, Lexi Didlake, Lydia Didlake, Sabrina Didlake, Thomas Dieckmann, Elana Fletcher, Joe Fountain, Wyatt Gant, Madelynne Goodson, Nate Goodson, Baker Gorman, Chyla Hanna, Olivia Harvey, Sam Harvey, Kylie Headley, Marlie Headley, Natalie Headley, Ari Elizabeth Hickman, Trinity Hirshfeld, Earnest Hunley, JaNiya Jones, Trudy Jones, Lia Jones Grace Kinard, Seely King, Tristan King, Anthony Kirkland, Anna Hudson Lang, Padaris Lawrence, Patrick Lawrence, Ana Marie Leal, Anoushka Leightley, Fletcher Paul Lick, Jaliyah Lowe, Jorian Lowe, Riyaz Mathews, Molly Manasco, Albany Mercer, Tegan Miller, Lillie Moore, Caylee Nunnally, Carissa Palmer, Josiah Palmer, Sadie Jo Palmer, Savannah Palmer, Alida Perez, Daniela Perez, Dona Angela M. Perez, Mia Perez, Lindy Peterson, Jayden Reeves, Ian Robertson, Christian Russell, Gianna Russell, Leah Shaw, Adrián Sotomeneses, Bella Sotomeneses, Samantha Staggers, Elianna Tabares, Agatha Taquino, Michael Taquino, Nadia Thompson, and Charlie Williams

Starkville Community Theatre is proud to continue its commitment to the young actors and actresses of the Starkville and Golden Triange area with Project P.L.A.Y. Led and directed by M. J. Etua, this amazing project offers young students who are interseted in all areas of theatre an opportunity to get involved.

For the first time, all of the short plays this year are directed by students in the program. Co-sponsored by Hurdle Law Firm, Starkville Pediatric Clinic, and ServiceMaster Restore of Starkville, with additional support from Kiwanis Club of Starkville, this year the cast and crew are working on 13 original short scripts that will be staged together in one big blowout block of kid-sized entertainment.

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