By Joanna McClelland Glass

Directed by Bob Anderson
May 20-23, 2010
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring - Edwin Ellis and Krista Vowell

Trying centers on the final year in the life of Francis Biddle, who served as Attorney General under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Based on the playwright's own experiences working at Biddle's secretary, the play takes place in 1967, and Biddle is 81 years old and trying to put his life in order. He is ill and functions, as he puts it, "somewhere between lucidity and senility." A cross-generational tour de force ensues when Sarah, a determined young secretary from the Canadian prairie, finds herself working for the aging Biddle, who was also the primary American Judge on the postwar Nuremberg Trials, and the two must “try” and communicate again their barriers of age and class.

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