A Song Can Change Your Life

Direction by Joby Czarnecki, Haley Harper, and Drew Stark
July 23-25 and July 30-31 and August 1, 2015
The Playhouse on Main

Featuring - Christon Bertrand, Johnathan Best, Rachel Davis, Sean Dyess, MJ Etua, Brian Hawkins, Brenda Mayo, Heather McGinn, Justine Moser, Ryan Savage, Erica Smith and Graham Young

Musicians - Jamie Dyer, Haley Harper, Olivia Long, and Andrew Van Loon

Since 1999, Starkville Community Theatre (SCT) has staged a midsummer musical revue as its principle fundraising event. The 2015 production, “A Song Can Change Your Life!,” was conceived by Joby Czarnecki, who also directs.

“A Song Can Change Your Life!” weaves a musical narrative from the intersecting stories of 12 characters presented with lifealtering choices during the course of the show … but the path they choose isn’t up to them, it’s up to you! Featuring an array of songs, from popular standards such as The Supreme’s “One Fine Day” and Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” to the more recent, less well-known Grace Potter’s “Ragged Company” and Indigo Girls’ “Watershed” — re-imagined in ways that create a continuity of style — A Song offers something for every audience goer’s musical taste.

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