Project P.L.A.Y.

Beau and the Tiger by M. J. Etua

Henry!!! by Emaree Stone of Louisville

The Curious Adventures of Granny B. by M. J. Etua

Directed by M. J. Etua
June 22-27, 2015
The Playhouse on Main

Beau and the Tigers

Beau is a little girl who is very proud of so for being such a snappy dresser. She struts around, boasting and showing off her clothing. But when six tigers meet along the way, it may be the end for her! She must find a clever way to save her life!

Featuring - Kaela Carino, Evie Daniels , Hannah Daniels, Grant Peterson, Lindy Peterson, Alyssa Roush, Agatha Taquino, and Charlie Williams


Set in 1929, Henry is a janitor who works in an office building. He dreams of being the boss one day and of having a beautiful secretary. Unfortunately Henry is not a very good janitor, which causes problems between himself and his boss.

Featuring - Joy Carino, Teddy Heffey, Grant Peterson, Alyssa Roush, and Agatha Taquino

The Curious Adventures of Granny B. Smith

Granny B. Smith seems to be a typical old lady with a world of stories from the past. With the help of your assistant Billie, she introduces three teenage girls to a history they have never known. As they travel to the past, the girls learn that history is not always as it seems and amazing things can be done by the most unexpected people.

Featuring - Sicily Brocato, Bobbi Calmes, Alisha Carino, Evie Daniels, Hannah Daniels, Thomas Diekmann, Lily Grado, Joy Han, Sarah Han, Ellie Heffey, Teddy Heffey, Tristan King, Prakash Landis, Jada Lark, Grace Mellen, Grant  Peterson, Lindy  Peterson, Jayden Reeves, Alyssa Roush, Jayden Reeves, Agatha Taquino, Charlie Williams, and Kaitlyn Yeatman

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