By Lee Blessing

Directed by Paul Mabry
January 12, 2010
and the MTA Festival, January 15-17, 2010
and the 2010 SETC Festival, March 4-7, 2010

Featuring - Mary-Kay Belant, Claudia Bennett, and Marsha Williams

Eleemosynary focuses on the lives of three Wesbrook women: seventy-five-year-old Dorothea, played by Marsha Williams; her middle-aged daughter, Artie, played by Mary-Kay Belant; and Artie's sixteen-year-old daughter, Echo, played by Claudia Bennett.

Dorothea, an admitted New Age eccentric, has complicated the lives of the two other Wesbrook women by imposing her thwarted dreams on them, which has alienated Artie not only from Dorothea but from Echo as well. As the play begins, Echo is caring for Dorothea, who has just had a stroke. During the course of the play, Echo tries to bring the three women together.

Blessing presents fragmented vignettes of the lives of the three women as they struggle to define themselves both as individuals and as part of a family unit. In this poignant and mature study of familial relationships, Blessing highlights the human need for connection and forgiveness.

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